Our mission

Our mission

The mission of Altreva is to provide the most suitable solutions for customers in the field of workwear and protective certified garments.

We make workwear and protective garments of the highest quality and provide high standard services in the area of professional clothing. We listen to the wishes and needs of our customers. The aim of our company is a safely and quality dressed user for whom our clothing is “more than workwear”.

We are part of Alsico group, a leading European workwear manufacturer. We are a reliable employer and the team work and personal development of our employees comes first.

The basis of our success is loyal, motivated and satisfied employees.

We do everything with regard to the environment. We are an environmentally responsible company for whom sustainable development is part of our business.

Within the scope of our social responsibility, we support non-profit and social activities in our region.

Thanks to the above specified, we are the biggest manufacturer of workwear and protective clothing in the Czech Republic.


Our company vision

We want to manufacture garments which protect health and safety of all workers.

We want to be a perspective and prosperous European company. The quality of our products and services is measured by the satisfaction of our customers. Quality comes first before quantity.

We pride ourselves on our long-term cooperation with customers.

We aim to be a perspective employer of specialist workers. Our employees develop their skills and abilities, accept responsibility for the work performed and search actively for improvement opportunities.

We aim to minimise energy losses, decrease environmental impacts of our activities and use renewable energy resources.