For the Care by Altreva clothing collection, we have chosen materials that have been specially developed for healthcare and are widely used in hospital facilities throughout Europe. In addition to being easy to maintain, resistant to high washing temperatures, the materials are highly mechanically resistant and colour-stable. They take into account the increasing demands on user comfort.

OSTENDIA (99 % polyester, 1 % carbon fibre) material complies with the standard EN13795 and it is recommended for use in operating theatres.
It can be washed in industrial laundries and can be sterilized.

During oprations, emphasis is placed on sterility of the environment and prevention of transmission of nosocomal infection. Falling particles from non-sused clothing can cause the transmission of infection, which in the extreme will endanger the life of the patient.
The clothing or material from which it is made is very important to meet these conditions.